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We live in a complex, global environment. Vancouver is an international city with significant immigration, trade and tourism. As a result, local businesses and individuals often need to send official legal documentation to other countries. But before a Canadian document can be sent overseas, it must be properly validated. This is achieved via a three-step process: notarization, authentication and consular legalization (aka Apostille).

Brosgall Legal specializes in this obscure area of international law, and Adam Brosgall is Vancouver's leading document legalization lawyer. Our firm has authenticated and legalized 1000s of documents for our Canadian and foreign clients. We regularly manage cross-border transactions involving the USA, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and other jurisdictions. We're familiar with ever-changing consular requirements and international procedures; and our experience and diplomatic connections result in seamless, expedited service.

To get started, simply call or send us an email describing your documentation and where it needs to be sent. We'll answer all your questions, and send you a detailed email explaining our legalization services; including a quote, ETA, and a sample legalization certificate issued by your country. We provide clarity, remove hurdles, and ensure that your documentation will be legal and valid for overseas use. This article explains the legalization process, and these are the 100+ countries we've handled to date. Brosgall Legal turns local into global - guaranteed!

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