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Buying and Selling Foreign Property with the Help of a Vancouver Notary

Brosgall Legal | Notary Services assists clients with the documentation required to buy and sell property overseas. There are many reasons why people find themselves involved in a foreign real estate transaction. Whether you are buying a property for business, or for pleasure - we can help.

If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, please send us an email or call us at 604-685-ADAM [2326].  

Buying and Selling Overseas Property 

There are many issues involved with buying property in another country. The paperwork involved can be complicated, and you may think that you have to visit the foreign country to get it all done. However, Brosgall Legal can help you deal with all the paperwork without having to leave Vancouver. That way, you won't have to spend money and time travelling overseas to sign a few property conveyance papers. Once you receive the necessary documents from your foreign notary or lawyer, simply visit our office to sign everything. We will then notarize, authentice, and legalize your documents to make sure that become valid overseas - we take care of everything on your behalf.

When your are selling a property overseas, it can be just as complicated as when you are the buyer. Once again, instead of travelling to the other country to do complete the transaction, you can take care of everything at Brosgall Legal's office in Vancouver. The same process of notarization, authentication, and legalization will come into play; services we specialize in.

Signing Conveyance Documents, and Powers of Attorney

Whether you need to sign conveyance documents, or a Power of Attorney, we can help. A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a local representative to act on your behalf to sign your real estate documents. Assuming you have a notary or lawyer in the foreign country, they should have already provided you with the paperwork that you need to sign. We often work with your foreign notary or lawyer to make sure that your conveyance documentation and Power of Attorney will be valid in the foreign country. As with any document being sent overseas, we meet with you for the signing, and we take are of the notarization, authentication, and legalization to make it all valid in the recipient country.

Vancouver Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public, and Lawyer

As a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public and Lawyer, Mr. Brosgall is fully qualified, licenced and insured to handle international documents. If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, please send us an email or call us at 604-685-ADAM [2326]. You can also visit for further information. Same day service and walk-ins are always welcome.