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Canadian Residency Certificates for Tax Treaty Purposes - Vancouver Notary

Canadian companies often need to get Certificates of Canadian Residency. These are issued by the Canada Revenue Agency to companies in accordance with the tax treaty between Canada and the country where the company does business. Once a company has the certificate from CRA, it must be authenticated and legalized prior to it being sent overseas.

Brosgall Legal | Notary Services would be pleased to assist you with all your international authentication and legalization (apostille) needs. The notarization, authentication and legalization of documents is a very specialized area of the law. This article will explain more about these tax treaties, as well as authentication and legalization (Apostille), and how Brosgall Legal can assist. If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, please send us an email or call us at 604-685-ADAM [2326]. You may also visit our home page for further information. 

Tax Treaties for Corporations

Canada has tax treaties with many countries. A tax treaty is designed to avoid double taxation for corporations and individuals who would otherwise pay taxes on the same income in two countries. Tax treaties can be found using this link. Certificates of Canadian Residency are very common as corporations often require them to get reduced tax rates for withholding tax, etc. These certificates are submitted to the foreign tax authority. More information on this topic can be found at the CRA website.

Recommended Procedure for Certificates of Canadian Residency

As Canada is not a party to The Hague Apostille Convention, the Certificates of Canadian Residency often need to be authenticated and legalized. This is the recommended procedure:

  1. The company reviews the tax treaty.
  2. The company applies for the certificate at the CRA office where the company's returns are filed. CRA will review the company tax filings using their residency criteria, and if they are satisfied, will issue the certificate.
  3. After receiving the original CRA letter, the company should contact Brosgall Legal, and provide the original letter to us.
  4. Brosgall Legal will take care of notarization, authentication, and legalization.
  5. The letter will then be valid for use overseas.

Vancouver Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths, and Lawyer

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