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Do you need to send official documentation overseas? Brosgall Legal | Notary Services specializes in international authentication and legalization (Apostille) services. This article explains the ins and outs of the international notarization, authentication and legalization process, and how Brosgall Legal can assist. After you've finished reading this article, you can print the information postcard attached at the very bottom for easy reference.

We're proudly local; not a national or Ontario business that attempts to match you up with a contracting notary here in Vancouver. Dealing directly with us is a huge advantage. If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, please send us an email or call us at 604-685-ADAM [2326]. You may also visit our home page for further information. 

Vancouver is a global city, and the people who live here have connections around the world. Perhaps you're doing business in Korea, getting married in Mexico, teaching English in Japan, incorporating a company in Great Britian, travelling to Australia, or working in Brazil... the list goes on and on. And there are just as many reasons why you might need to send official documentation overseas. You might need to notarize a document. Maybe you need your signature to be legally witnessed. You might need to send certified copies of corporate certificates, licenses, identification, transcripts, passports, qualifications, diplomas, etc... Or quite often, our clients need a Power of Attorney sent overseas for real estate transactions. However, before any document can be sent overseas, its authenticity will need to be verified. To do this, a document must be notarized, authenticated, and then legalized. 

The 'Chain' of Authentication

The purpose of international document authentication and legalization is to solve a practical problem: how can civil and judicial officials reliably verify the authenticity of a document that was issued abroad? The solution is the creation of an official chain of authentication, so that all the signatures in that chain become verified by higher and higher authorities. We'll go into more detail below, but in effect, this is how the chain of authentication works:

  1. Your documentation is notarized by a notary (notarization);
  2. The notary's signature and standing is confirmed by a B.C. or Canadian authority (authentication); and
  3. The entire authentication 'chain' process is verified by the foreign consulate (legalization). This step is also known as 'superlegalization'.

So, what you really end up with is the verification of the confirmation of the notarization of your documentation - so to speak!

In Canada, this procedure is called Authentication and Legalization. Unfortunately, bureaucracy and 'red tape' combine to make this process very cumbersome. Most people are not familiar with the process, and different countries have different requirements. When you add online mis-information, plus language and cultural barriers... it can be quite an ordeal. And for important documentation being sent overseas, you need to get it right the first time. At Brosgall Legal - Notary Services, we know the ins and outs of authentication and legalization, and we can help. This is an example of a document that has been authenticated and legalized.

Essentially, if you need a document notarized or copied in Canada for use abroad, it must be notarized, authenticated and legalized. This process confirms the authenticity of the original document, the registration of the notary or lawyer in their respective governing body, and verifies their signature and seal as being 100% authentic. Once a notarized document has been authenticated, it is then legalized by the local foreign consulate, and it becomes legal and valid in the foreign jurisdiction. 

The Authentication and Legization Process

Apostille certification (which will be explained further below) is essentially an international notarial seal that many other countries use to legalize documents. In Canada, however, apostille certificates are not permitted, so notaries use the authentication and legalization 'chain' method. There are three steps to the authentication and legalization process:

1. Notarization

This is a simple procedure whereby you visit our notary office with your ID and the document you need to be notarized or certified as a true copy. For notarizations, we check your ID, and observe as you sign the document. We then attach the signed document to our notarial certificate and apply our signature, stamp, and notarial seal to confirm your identity, and the validity of your signature. For certified true copies (notarized copies), we take a photocopy of your document and compare it with the original to ensure it is a true copy. We then attach the copy to our notarial certificate and apply our signature, stamp, and notarial seal to certify that the attached copy is a true copy of the original.

So basically, a notarization or notarized/certified copy is the procedure that a notary takes to confirm that your signature or copied document is authentic. When necessary, a certified translation of your documentation is added to the notarial certificate. We work closely with a translation company in our building, and they have access to over 200 certified translators fluent in over 100 languages.

2. Authentication

The notarized document is then delivered to one of three authorities (described below) so that the notary or lawyer's signature and status can be authenticated - to make sure they are authentic. An authentication clerk physically compares the signature and seal of that notary or lawyer with the samples registered on file to confirm authenticity. The clerk also confirms that the lawyer or notary is a member in good standing with their respective governing body. Once these tasks are completed, an authentication stamp is applied, or an authentication certificate is permanently attached to the notarized document with an eyelet. Authentication can be accomplished in one of three ways:

  1. Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC) of the Department of International Trade and Foreign Affairs. As this an Ottawa office, we only use this method when the intended country of use requires federal DFAIT authentication.  
  2. Law Society of B.C. - Authentication Section (Vancouver)
  3. B.C. Ministry of Justice - Order in Council Administration Office (Victoria)

To ensure that our authentication service goes smoothly, Mr. Brosgall's signature and official notarial seal have been pre-registered at all three authentication offices. For added convenience and speed, his authenticated signature and seal have also been pre-registered with several local consulates, including the American Consulate in Vancouver.

Once the notarized document is authenticated, it is returned to either our office, you, or the foreign consulate for legalization.

3. Legalization (also known as Superlegalization)

Finally, the notarized and authenticated document is delivered or presented to the foreign consulate in Vancouver (or elsewhere) for legalization. Legalization is the process whereby the foreign consulate in Vancouver verifies the markings applied during the above referenced authentication step - to make sure they are authentic. Legalization basically certifies that the correct procedure was followed in Canada. Once the consulate is satisfied that the authentication was valid, and that the correct procedures were followed, they affix their legalization seal to the notarized and authenticated document. At this point, with the notarization, authentication, and legalization complete, the document becomes valid and legally effective for use in the foreign country. 

You can determine the unique authentication and legalization requirements of a particular country by contacting their consulate. See the list below for the current contact details of every consular office located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

As mentioned above, many countries (but not Canada) use a procedure called Apostille certification, so we'll cover this procedure next. 

Apostille Certification

The traditional method for authenticating documents is the authentication chain method (authentication and legalization) described above, which Canada still uses today. However, by the early 1960's, this method was seen by most countries as slow, cumbersome and costly. So, on October 5, 1961, The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents was enacted to facilitate circulation of documents around the world. This convention is commonly known as the Apostille Convention. In the countries that are signatories to the Apostille Convention, the authentication process is reduced to a single formality: the issuance of an apostille certificate. Since 1961, many countries (although not Canada) have become signatories to the Apostille Convention. There are now 104 contracting states, but as Canada is not one of them, apostille certificates are not permitted in Canada.

The objective of the Apostille Convention was to eliminate the requirements of diplomatic or consular legalization, and thus replace the cumbersome chain authentication method described above, which requires verification by multiple authorities. Apostille certification is a much simpler way of legalizing documents for use abroad, and is basically the equivalent of an international notarial seal. An apostille certificate is a standardized square form (measuring approximately 9cm x 9cm) having ten numbered items of information with blank spaces to be filled in by a notary. This is an example of an Apostille Certificate. Once the notarization is completed by the notary, the apostille certificate is attached to the document by the appropriate government agency. An apositille certificate confirms that the signature, seal or stamp on the main document is genuine. Every Hague Convention signatory country must accept apostille certificates from other signatory countries. 

The term 'apostille' comes from the word postille (French for, marginal note or notation), which originally came from post illa verba (Latin for, after these words)It is pronounced 'uh-pos-til'. During the negotiations for the 1961 Hague Convention, the term 'Apostille' was preferred because of its novelty. According to a reporter at the time: "Following a discussion on terminology [in the French language], the word Apostille may have been preferred because of its appealing novelty (it was adopted by 7 votes to 3, the other suggestion having been attestation)." [From the Permanent Bureau.]

Brosgall Legal ~ Notary Services would be pleased to assist you with your international notarization, authentication and legalization requirements. You may also visit our home page for further information. 

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