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Brosgall Legal | Notary Services regularly assists clients with the Authentication and Legalization of documents for foreign use. Getting an authentication and legalization completed in Vancouver can be quite difficult. We are full-service authentication and legalization law... [read more]


Solemn Declaration for College of Massage Therapists (CMT) of British Columbia

It is exciting to be starting a new career as a Massage Therapist. As a new massage therapist, in order to submit your application for registration in the... [read more]


If you have investments or if your are doing business in Saudi Arabia, you'll probably need to send Canadian documents to Saudia Arabia. However, before Canadian documents can be accepted as in Saudi Arabia, they must go through a special process called authentication and legalization, also... [read more]


Statutory Declaration for Alberta Proof of Identity

If you reside in Vancouver, and need to file a Proof of Identity application for the Alberta Vital Statistics documentation services you will need to submit the necessary Statutory... [read more]