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Brosgall Legal | Notary Services can assist you with your Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union, aka IMM5409.

How do prove common-law status

Items that can be used as proof of a common-law relationship include:


The Canadian equivalent of an Apostille is a three-step procedure that entails 'notarizing', 'authenticating', and 'legalizing'. Once these three steps are completed, a document originating in Vancouver, BC becomes valid for use in the USA. This process applies to important documents such as... [read more]


Brosgall Legal | Notary Services can help you with all your notary requirements. Our office is conveniently located at 716 - 938 Howe Street, in downtown Vancouver, right across from the Law Courts.  There is metre parking outside until 3pm.

Notary Services Offered... [read more]


Brosgall Legal | Notary Services often assists their clients with IMM 5409 Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union documents.  If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment to see a Commissioner of Oaths, please send an ... [read more]