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Individuals applying for registration with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) need to complete various forms.The Internship in Architecture Program (AIP) is the domestic stream to registration as an Architect in Canada, as established by the Canadian Architectural Licensing... [read more]


If you're travelling, working, investing, buying or selling property, or doing business in Israel, there's a very good chance you'll be asked to send Canadian documentation to Israel. However, before your Canadian documents will be accepted in Israel, they must go through a unique process called... [read more]


Brosgall Legal understands how busy life can get. Some people have mobility issues and cannot travel to our office. Often, it's simply more convenient for us to visit you for a private appointment. Dealing with a lawyer or notary public doesn't have to be inconvenient... Brosgall Legal... [read more]


Brosgall Legal | Apostille Services specializes in the authentication and legalization (Apostille) of international documentation, and we would be pleased to help you with your paperwork. Brosgall Legal has... [read more]