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When you travel, work, invest, or do business in South Africa, you will need to send Canadian documentation to South Africa. In order to make your Canadian documentation valid for use in South Africa, it needs to be authenticated and legalized, also known as an Apostille. In Canada,... [read more]


Brosgall Legal specializes in authenticating and legalizing documents (Apostille) for international use. As Vancouver's leading document legalization company, we understand consular procedure, and we partner with many local consulates and embassies across Canada. To... [read more]


In late 2013, the UK Treasury Department announced that expatriates over the age of 75 must prove they are alive every two years in order to claim their pensions. This new requirement only applies to countries that do not automatically share data about deaths with the UK. Sharing arrangements... [read more]


If you're a Canadian citizen applying for an American IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), you must submit a certified true copy of your Canadian passport. ITINs are required for many reasons. Essentially, an individual who is ineligible for an American Social Security Number (... [read more]