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When you travel, work, invest, or do business abroad, you may need to contact one of the many Canadian diplomatic missions. Because Brosgall Legal | Notary Services specializes in international legal and notarial services, our clients often need to contact a Canadian Embassy or... [read more]


In this announcement made yesterday, Transport Minister Lisa Riatt explained that Canadians holding Nexus cards, as well as members of the Global Entry program in the... [read more]


Brosgall Legal | Notary Services assists clients with the documentation required to buy and sell property overseas. There are many reasons why people find themselves involved in a foreign real estate transaction. Whether you are buying a property for business, or for pleasure -... [read more]


When you travel, work, invest, or do business in Argentina, you will probably have to send documentation to Argentina. To make your documents valid for use in Argentina, they must go through a special process called 'authentication and legalization'. In other countries, this process is often... [read more]