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US Consulate in Vancouver

The Canadian equivalent of an Apostille is a three-step procedure that entails 'notarizing', 'authenticating', and 'legalizing'. Once these three steps are completed, a document originating in Vancouver, BC becomes valid for use in the USA. This process applies to important documents such as... [read more]


If you are studying, teaching, working, investing, or doing business in the USA, there's a very good chance you'll be asked to provide your Canadian documentation to the American authorities, or to your personal contacts there. Before your Canadian documents will be accepted as valid in the... [read more]


Documents that are produced or signed in Canada that need to be used in the United States cannot be 'Apostilled'. Instead, in Canada, the equivalent of an Apostille is 'notarizing', 'authenticating', and 'legalizing'. Once these three steps are completed, the document becomes valid for use in... [read more]


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