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Certified copies of documents are prepared for many reasons. People often need to make copies of documents so they don't have to give away the original document itself. Many organizations require certified copies of documentation as part of their application or licensing process. In all of these... [read more]


Most official documentation is still produced in a hard copy format (i.e.: transcripts, certificates, diplomas, etc.). Brosgall Legal | Notary Services certifies and notarizes these documents all the time. You simply visit our notary public office with the original hard copy,... [read more]


There are many circumstances when you might need to provide a document to a third party. For example, you may need to send a document to a government agency, or a university.  Or you might need to send documentation to get a visa, for immigration purposes, or for professional registration and... [read more]


If you need to get a certified copy of a document, Brosgall Legal | Notary Services would be pleased to assist. Because regular photocopies are not usually accepted for government, court, academic, and commercial purposes, certified copies will often be required. Rather than... [read more]


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