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Wonderful, Adam!!!! Great news!!! Thank you very much for dealing with all 7 Spanish legalizations. Great job! ~ H.Q. - Spain
Dear Adam, I write to confirm that I have received the legalised Death Certificate. I thank you for your kind assistance in this matter. Our Hong Kong law firm looks forward to working with you again soon. ~ D.T. (C.C.C.) - Hong Kong
Dear Adam, Thank you for your email and your kind and prompt assistance in this matter. As soon as I have received the legalised Death Certificate, I will let you know. As I deal with many probate cases, I hope that we will work together again in future. ~ D.T. - Hong Kong
Thank you so much Adam. The POA to Pass Transfer arrived in South Africa today! You are an absolute star. ~ J.H. - Constantia Kloof, South Africa
Thank you for the hard work, Adam. Our lawyer in Brazil just received the legalized corporate documents - onwards and upwards! ~ R.B. - Vancouver, BC