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Adam, l have been in touch with my mom in Albania and everything is fine with the Albania power of attorney.Thank you for all the details with the shipment and l appreciate all you have done. All the best to you! ~ E.L. - Albania
Adam, my Canadian Passport arrived today. Thank you again for your help with the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor. ~ D.A. - Bakersfield, California, USA
Amazing! Thanks so very much Adam. We appreciate your help with our father's Power of Attorney. ~ D.M. - Ucluelet, B.C.
Mr. Brosgall, I just can hardly believe that these two Apostilles that have been hanging over my head are about to reach culmination! My husband and I are so relieved to finally be selling our US properties... and we can't thank you enough. ~ S.K. - Nelson, B.C.
Thank you for your help yesterday with the Common Law declaration Adam! ~ D.A. - Burnaby, B.C.