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Thanks, for your excellent assistance with the consular legalizations Adam. I expect more to be coming shortly. ~ P.S. - Ottawa, Ontario
Thank you for the seamless Chile legalization service Adam. You are always awesome to work with. ~ E.D. - Vancouver, B.C.
What! The appreciation is all mine to extend to you. You are a gem in the corporate end of town. This week is a crucial one for me and this service you offer makes a huge difference! I am one of those people often asked to help so when I need it (rare) it's a great happiness when it is extended when I think I have knocked on the right door. ~ N.C. - Vancouver, B.C.
Hi Adam, Thanks for fitting me in on such short notice so I could get my settlement release notarized. Very much appreciate your assistance! ~ E.M. - Vancouver, B.C.
Hi Adam, Thank you very much for your email and information about the Statutory Declaration of Common Law (IMM 5409). It is very helpful for me. Have a good day! ~ P.M. - Vancouver, B.C.