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Brosgall Legal is Vancouver's leading Apostille services law firm - we provide guaranteed one-stop Apostille service to individuals, businesses, and other law firms. As Canada has ratified the Apostille Convention, documents being sent from Canada to other countries must now be properly Apostilled to establish their authenticity. 

International files have different requirements and procedures, so it can get quite complex. Lawyer and Notary Public, Adam Brosgall, the founder and principal of Brosgall Legal, specializes in this niche area of international law. He will personally handle your file from start to finish to ensure everything goes smooothly.

Brosgall Legal processes a wide variety of international documents, including powers of attorney, property transfers, signature notarizations, certified true copies, legal proceedings, marriage documentation, probate files, corporate filings, diplomas, and vital statistics certificates. We process these documents for use all around the world, including the USA, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

To get started, give us a call or send an email to describe your situation.  We'll need to know what kind of document you have, and the destination country. We'll answer any questions you may have, and email you a detailed quote explaining our Apostille services, costs, ETA, and a sample Apostille certificate.

Brosgall Legal has a 20/100/1000 success formula: 20 years of experience, dealing with over ­100 countries, assisting ­1000s of satisfied clients. This success formula, plus our personal attention to detail, translates into a stess-free, professional Apostille experience for our clients. Brosgall Legal turns local into global - guaranteed!

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