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Notary Services Glossary beginning with L

Brosgall Legal's glossary covers useful Apostille and Notary Public terms.
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The abbreviation of the Latin term Locus Sigilli, which means 'place of seal'. The initials L.S. indicates where the notary seal is to be placed on a notarized document. See also C/S.

Law Society of British Columbia

The Law Society of British Columbia is the governing society of lawyers in British Columbia. 

This is the logo of the Law Society of British Columbia:

Lawyer (Barrister & Solicitor)

An individual who is a member in good standing with the Law Society of British Columbia.


Documents that need to be notarized in Canada for use abroad must go through a process known as "authentication and legalization". Once this is done, the notarized document becomes legal and valid in the foreign jurisdiction. Essentially, the process confirms the registration of the lawyer or notary in their respective governing body, and verifies their signature and seal as "authentic". This process is known as Apostille certification in other countries, but in Canada it is called Authentication and Legalization.

After a document is notarized at Brosgall Legal - Notary Services, authentication can be completed in several ways:  

  1. The Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC) of the Department of International Trade and Foreign Affairs (Ottawa)  
  2. The Law Society of B.C. - Authentication Section (Vancouver)
  3. The B.C. Ministry of Justice - Order in Council Administration Office (Victoria)

You can determine which method a country requires by asking their Vancouver Consular Office. To ensure every authentication goes smoothly, Vancouver notary Adam E. Brosgall has registered his signature and seal at all three authentication offices.  

For a more detailed explanation about apostilles, and the authentication and legalization process, please read the article we wrote on this subject. An authentication certificate is also known as a 'notary flag' in certain jurisdictions. Legalization is also known as 'superlegalization' in some jurisdictions.


A Legation was a term used to denote a diplomatic mission ranking lower than an embassy. Where larger countries would normally maintain embassies, smaller countries would instead maintain Legations. This distinction was, however, abandoned after the World War II. 

Letter of Consent

Please see 'Consent To Travel', or for further detail, read the article we wrote on Consent to Travel for Minors.

Letter Of Invitation for Foreign Travel

Some foreigners wishing to visit Canada must produce a letter of invitation as part of the visa process.  This letter is written by, or on behalf, of the Canadian resident who wishes to invite the person visiting Canada.  The information contained in the letter of invitation usually includes the following for both the Canadian resident and visitor: name, date of birth, place of birth, address, phone number, email address, workplace, citizenship status and passport information.  Additional information, including the relationship between the parties, length of visit, and arrival and departure dates, would also be included.  We can prepare the letter of invitation for you, as well as notarize the letter. For further information, please see the article we wrote called Letter of Invitation by Vancouver Notary Public.

Letters of Credence

The name for letters given to an ambassador by his chief of state, and addressed to the chief of state of his host country. They are delivered to the latter by ambassadors in a formal credentials ceremony, which generally takes place shortly after his arrival at a new post. Until this ceremony has taken place he is not formally recognized by the host country, and he cannot officially act as an ambassador. The letters are termed "letters of credence" because they request the receiving chief of state to give "full credence" to what the ambassador will say of behalf of his government.

Letters of Recall

Also presented by a new ambassador, along with his or her letter of credence, to the chief of state of his or her host country during his credentials-presentation ceremony. It is the official document which formally recalls his or her predecessor.

Locus Sigilli

Latin for 'place of seal'. Often abbreviated as L.S., which indicates where the notary seal should be placed on a notarized document.

Loose Certificate

A document with notarial wording that is separate from, and attached to, the document being notarized. It is used when no wording is provided on the document, when the provided wording does not comply with requirements, when there is no room for the notary seal on the document, or when a pre-printed certificate has already been used by another notary in the case of multiple signers.  Also known as a notarial certificate.